Typist & Draftsman Chairs

The Right Chair for The Job

When choosing a chair, it is of vital importance you choose seating option suitable for the job at hand. We are spending more and more time at our desks and our backs are letting us know it too. With the surge of Home-Office Employment, we have heard many complaints of people experiencing lower back and neck pain. This is because your dining room or home guest chairs were not designed for prolonged sitting nor the elevation of your current work surface. 

The Solution

Chair World offers a wide selection of chairs specifically designed for elevated work surfaces. The perfect choice when working on a home countertop or in a laboratory. Our chairs have adjustable seat heights and backrests offering you the ultimate customisable comfort. Able to carry up to 120 kgs and made with durable solid polyurethane; vinyl; fabric or leather, we are confident that you will be over the moon sitting in one of our chairs. 





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